Sunday, June 1, 2008

"Heaving bosoms and throbbing members"... oh dear

A part of an author's professional life which may come as an unwelcome surprise to many is the need to promote.

Sometimes, promoting with good manners and in the best possible taste seems to work, and sometimes one wonders.

I was on earlier this week, where I try to maintain a presence, recommend authors other than myself, and contribute to discussions that interest me. However, I couldn't resist the dangled bait when a gentlemen posted that he was tired of reading whatever genre he'd preferred in the past, and that he was willing to venture into a new genre.

So, I suggested that he try Romance. That's all.

His reaction took me aback. He had neither the wish nor the need to read about "heaving bosoms and throbbing members"!

Body parts may be part of our palette, but surely Romance is about more than that. I'm willing to bet that some of us have never yet used the word "heaving bosom", or "throbbing member" for that matter.


Straw poll, anyone?

Rowena Cherry

Romances with Chess titles:

Mating Net
Forced Mate
Insufficient Mating Material
Knight's Fork


Samitestar said...

Someone should write a book called, Heaving Bosoms and Throbbing Members, Maybe an anthology. My submission would be about a female athlete seeking the perfect sports bra (zero bounce) and an underwear model trying to pay for law school, when they meet, LIGHTENING! Like Hart to Hart, but without the sleuthing and lots of sex!